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Lantern Making Workshop

On September 22, 2023, Cristal had a lantern-making workshop for the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival with the children at Refugee Union to promote happiness and bonding.

Some messages from the children:

UNANMED: I’m going to make 3 lanterns. I want to give one to my mom with my favorite my melody character on it, one for my best friend in school, and one to keep in my room.

Mariam from Bangladesh, aged 5: I drew Elsa because I love her. She is my favorite princess because she fights bad guys and her powers. I wish I can be a princess when I grow up to be like her.

Rohini, aged 6: I drew suns because I like the sun, and a girl in the storm who I will protect with an umbrella.

Amas, aged 7: I drew a sunset because sunsets are pretty. I love to watch the sunset at the end of every day.

Amongst the 22.5 million refugees in the world, half of them are children (UNHCR). Refugees in Hong Kong are prohibited from working, and thus cannot afford to pay the increasingly expensive tuition fees charged by schools here. Because of the strain on capacity, refugee schools frequently have a maximum age limit. This means that it might be impossible for a refugee child whose secondary education is momentarily halted to go back and finish it. (World Economic Forum), further limiting their educational and future job opportunities.

The refugee children at Refugee Union stay hopeful, lively souls, and it is our duty as Hong Kong citizens to protect that by helping them. We remind these children that it is important to keep pursuing their passions and love for art.

Check out our shop to support the Refugee Union, Hong Kong’s only refugee-led NGO.

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